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One of the greatest tools for growing a business is the corporate aircraft. Every company of the Fortune 500 owns at least one corporate airplane. These companies know something that smaller, slower growing companies don’t: The secret weapon for growth is the airplane.

Some of America’s greatest entrepreneurs have made use of their aircraft to manage remote locations, win big contracts, and make the big sale.

People like Sam Walton and Warren Buffett say the key to the fantastic growth of their companies was their corporate plane.

However, too many companies buy a multi-million dollar aircraft yet don’t know how to use it. They take the CEO to a convention or transport a technician to fix a customer’s problem. Then, at the end of the year, the CFO declares that the company spent a million dollars and saw no benefit from the aircraft purchase. The corporation sells the aircraft at a loss.

1998 King Air B200-interior

The perfect place to close that big sale. You have a captive audience with no distractions, no cell phones, and no interruptions.

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King Air 200: One of the World’s Best Selling Aircraft

Quarter Share: $400,000

Everyone knows that a corporate aircraft can help a company employ management more effectively, save travel time, and help retain key empoyees. But most companies don’t know how to use their aircraft to grow their company.

At DB&G Aviation we teach your business how to employ this powerful tool to make more sales, increase market share, and change the way others see your company.

Our services include finding the right aircraft at an affordable price,  showing you how to use that aircraft to get access to key decision makers, and developing a plan to close the big deal.  With our partnership program your company can have an aircraft for far less money than you imagined. Our consulting services will help you integrate the aircraft into your marketing and sales plans, and we can manage the perception of the size and profitability of your company so that you can successfully land those big contracts.

With our integrated service a small company can use their aircraft to get access to big corporations, bid for larger contracts, and sell more product. Read some real life examples here.

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